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Email Marketing

Email Marketing -

There was a day not too long ago that we could send out a message and rest assured that it would reach nearly all of the intended recipients. Email was new, hip and cool and everyone wanted to be on your mailing list. Then came evil incarnate – ‘unsolicited email’. This made people very leery of email, lists and consumers became very protective of their accounts. This gave rise to SPAM blocking, challenge-response, bayesian filtering...all of which made it difficult for legitimate marketers to reach their audience. Even so...email marketing is NOT dead (Yet). But ensuring that your campaigns are successful requires an agency with plenty of experience in this field. Envision-1 has engaged in email marketing for many years- before there were any 3rd party applications. Today, we consider ourselves veterans of email marketing and are still creating and driving successful campaigns from our clients. We aren’t magic, we don’t have any hidden secrets, it just boils down to experience and knowing how to communicate with people who are bombarded with information on a daily basis.

So the key to email marketing success is how to effectively stand out among 50+ emails / SPAM in a consumers inbox. We know how to do this.

When executed properly email marketing, combined with fundamental database marketing techniques, can be very effective and is a great way to increase visibility and sell your products and services. Hiring the right marketing firmto create and nuture your email marketing program will yield results. Period.

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