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Custom Letterhead Design Services -

A letterhead is one of the most effective tools for branding. It is very important to use this for your small business. This branding tool makes it simpler to make contracts, handouts, branded letters, invoices and other kinds of paperwork for your company. It will establish your brand every time you send something to your prospects or clients. It will convince them of your credibility and stability as a business.

To maximise on all the benefits you could get from a letterhead, Envision-1 knows how to create one that will do the best for your small business. Below are the four effective letterhead design tips that we follow:

1. Collate the needed elements.

The letterhead design needs your business logo and all the other visual elements being used on all the other pieces your companyis already using for your marketing efforts. These include tagline text, color scheme and secondary graphics.

2. Collate marketing pieces that could be utilised for reference.

We also need for your letterhead design to match the rest of your marketing pieces like
your website, brochures, business card and blog among others. Making sure that the letterhead design is consistent with the rest of your materials for business marketing will result in your business exuding more professionalism.
3. Establish what contact details you want us to place in your letterhead.

Usually a letterhead should contain your location and contact numbers. But with the presence of the web it is also quite important now to include your website and email address.

If you run a large business with a number of players in it then your letterhead should not contain the name of any of these players. This is to ensure that you have a generic letterhead which can be used by every player in your business who wishes to send out any kind of correspondence.

However if you are a sole proprietor of your business or you are consultant who has no intention of taking on any partners then it is best if you display your name on your letterhead. This will tell your clients and prospects that you are the boss and no one else.

4. Use all the elements mentioned above in making your letterhead design.

Once we have collated all the elements mentioned in numbers one to three then you are ready for your letterhead design to be created. Specializing in making all visual elements work together we make the graphics for your masthead and footer convey your marketing message better to your target market.


To place an order, give us a call at 352-585-9780, or email us at info@envision-1.com.

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