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Social Media Design Services -

Lacking a presence on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube is no longer an option for businesses trying to grow thier customer base. These social networking sites are household names, and can greatly increase your online presence. Envision-1 provides complete account set-up and customization on all social networking sites. We will help you stay on top of all your social media accounts and keep your brand consistent through out. We also will help you manage and grow your social media networks.


Corporate MySpaces -

Envision-1 has developed a method of customizing corporate MySpace designs . Our designers are some of the most knowledgeable when it comes to designing and coding Myspace Layouts. Most web designers would cringe at the thought of designing these layouts, but due to our expert team of social networking design professionals, our team looks forward to branding your MySpace page. This will not only increase your web presence, it will drive more traffic to your company's website.


Facebook Customization -

Although Facebook has a minimalistic style throughout their network, which has contributed to their success, there are ways to integrate dynamic content into the layout. Our designers can help create a facebook profile that will help your company visually stand out. Envsion-1 can link to other social media accounts or website information by creating custom facebook Tabs. We can also incorporate RSS feeds into your facebook account to provide information that is always updated.


Twitter Customization -

In February 2009, Twitter grew by more than 1000% from a year earlier. This phenomenal growth spurt has contributed to everyone from recording artists to CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world "tweeting " on a daily basis. Envision-1 can set up and manage your Twitter acount. We can even integrate it into your facebook page.


Professional YouTube Design -

Need a custom YouTube design for your company, non-profit or music group? Our professional designers can help. We have experience customizing YouTube designs. We have the ability to professionally brand your youtube channel. This will not only be more aesthetically pleasing to your viewers but it will help your company stand out from the thousands of standard Youtube pages. Although, The YouTube Platform has limitations when it comes to design, we've perfected techniques to create professional and unique YouTube layouts for our clients.


Other Social Networking Sites -

The social networking sites above are the most popular but there are a host of other networks that should not be over looked when trying to create a presence on the web. We have experience creating custom designs on over 50 different social networking sites.


To learn more about how Envision-1 can assist your organization, or to discuss ideas, give us a call at 352.585.9780 or email us at info@envision-1.com

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