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Social Media Marketing

Join The Conversation. Embrace Social Media. -

Today's digital world extends well beyond the website. Right now around the world, millions of people are busy talking to each other: on Facebook, on Twitter, through email and blog posts. They talk to each other in the office. At home. On their phones. They are instantly everywhere.

Most of these online conversations don't involve websites. It takes place in social media, on new digital networks designed to connect people together in novel and powerful ways. And if your business does not have a strategy for taking part in this conversation, you're missing out on some of today's greatest opportunities for reaching people with your unique message.

Your business needs a social media strategy. At Envision-1, we can help you leverage today's social media to gain important marketing advantages:

Learn more. Discover changing trends as soon as they happen. Be aware of what your customers are saying about you and your competitors.

Engage more. Find better, more effective ways to reach people in the online social venues that already attract them. Give them something to really talk about.

Respond fast. When events unfold that affect your business or market, be the first to influence the story. Be seen as a leading industry voice when it matters most.

Build community. Develop a growing, vital common ground for your customers to gather and talk about you and your industry. Extend your reach and build positive word of mouth value.

Social media is a phenomenon that is here to stay, likely only to build and evolve as online communications become more and more integral to everyday life. Additionally, these mediums continue to open their doors to businesses via Facebook Connect and other integration and advertising platforms. Are you doing enough to keep your business visible where people travel most - or are you missing today's best chance at effective message outreach?

Contact Envision-1 today and ask us how our social media strategies can help your business use today's online tools to create real marketing success.

Give us a call at 352-585-9780, or email us at info@envision-1.com.

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